As we enjoy the warm autumn, the work on the construction site is progressing at a steady pace. The construction of the Trevi 3 is already on the 4th floor, and the structure will be fully completed in the coming months.

The first residents have also moved into Trevi 1 and Trevi 2 buildings, and the Ateneo neighborhood is starting to come to life. For those who are interested in apartments in Trevi 3, there are only a few available.

Summer begins and works on the Ateneo site continue at a steady pace. The outdoor parking lot has been paved and marked, and inside the Trevi 1 and Trevi 2 buildings, the last finishes are being done for the common areas.

The Trevi 3 building has received the building permit and the apartments are already 47% reserved.

You can find more information and reservations for the Trevi 3 building at +40 739 856 979.