The construction of the TREVI 3 building is advancing at a constant pace and this is the third building of the TREVI typology in the Ateneo. The first two TREVI buildings are fully completed and the owners are carrying out the final fittings to turn their apartments into homes.

There are only a few apartments available in the TREVI 3 building, you can view them here.

As the Ateneo neighborhood expands, we are approaching the second phase of the development. Our infrastructure is increasingly visible, and the TREVI buildings are almost completely sold. Thus, we submitted the documentation for the construction permit for the following three buildings, called TODI. Each building with GF + 11L will have 52 apartments and 4 commercial spaces. Additionally, 168 outdoor parking spaces will be available, as well as 49 underground parking spaces.

Construction work is expected to begin in March 2023.

A penthouse apartment is always a suitable investment for your family. The useful space of 116.5 square meters and two spacious terraces allow this home to be arranged in exactly the style you want. We have prepared some images to inspire you.

For more information about this penthouse, contact us at +40 739 856 979

The construction of the TREVI 3 building is progressing at a steady pace. The structure is completed and the first floors have already been partitioned.

There are only a few apartments left in the third building of the TREVI complex. For more information and to schedule a site visit, you can contact us at +40 739 856 979 or by email at

As we enjoy the warm autumn, the work on the construction site is progressing at a steady pace. The construction of the Trevi 3 is already on the 4th floor, and the structure will be fully completed in the coming months.

The first residents have also moved into Trevi 1 and Trevi 2 buildings, and the Ateneo neighborhood is starting to come to life. For those who are interested in apartments in Trevi 3, there are only a few available.

Trevi 3 building is part of the TREVI building cluster, where the first two buildings have been completed and the apartments are being handed over to the customers. Construction of the Trevi 3 building was started recently, the land is being prepared for the foundation works.

At the same time, the outdoor areas of Trevi 1 and 2 have been arranged, the parking lot is completed and the green areas are outlined.

We also continue the infrastructure and utilities works for the next stages of development, together with the construction of the GF + 8F and partially GF + 4F building. This building will have 116 apartments, 2000 sqm of commercial spaces and 198 parking spaces. This building is sold entirely.

In the Trevi 3 building we have the following available units for sale:

For more information about the status of the works, available apartments, and scheduling for a site visit, you can contact us at +40756191115 or by e-mail at:

In the video below you can follow the evolution of the construction works on-site from 2020 to the present day. These works are part of the first stage of the development of the Ateneo complex and include the following:

Summer begins and works on the Ateneo site continue at a steady pace. The outdoor parking lot has been paved and marked, and inside the Trevi 1 and Trevi 2 buildings, the last finishes are being done for the common areas.

The Trevi 3 building has received the building permit and the apartments are already 47% reserved.

You can find more information and reservations for the Trevi 3 building at +40 739 856 979.