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Ateneo apartments bring you an increased yield and an excellent price/quality ratio for a secure and profitable long-term investment. Download our catalogue and find out more!

A holistic approach to a modern lifestyle

Ateneo is not just a new residential neighborhood, but a complete district with new infrastructure, facilities for residents and entrepreneurs alike. The high quality materials used in the buildings and the experience of our team make the Ateneo a stable and profitable choice for the future.

Why Timisoara?

Timisoara is one of the cities with the highest economic development in the last 5 years, also having an impact on the multicultural scene. With a dynamic and growing economy, Timisoara is the gateway to Europe.

The city also has a rich history and culture and is ready to amaze you in any season. We have chosen to develop a small town in this emerging metropolis and to offer comfort and proximity for a high standard of living.

Timisoara is also European Capital of Culture for 2023, offering a wide range of cultural activities, growing tourism and attraction points for visitors and businesses alike.


Timisoara is known for its cultural and historical environment, as well as for its important role in the development of modern Romania.

Proximity to the airport

Ateneo is close to the airport, which means shorter transfer times and less traffic time.

Academic center

Timisoara is one of the most important academic centers in Romania, with 10% of the population consisting of students.


Timisoara is the third city in Romania in terms of population, which makes it a great center for business development.

Economic development

Timisoara is the city with the highest economic growth in the European Union, with a turnover and an average growth rate of 10.62%.

Little Vienna

Due to its amazing architecture, Timișoara is also known as Little Vienna. Once you visit it, you will surely fall in love with the old center.

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Commercial Spaces

Your business in the largest neighborhood of Northern Timisoara

When you choose to start a business in Ateneo, you become part of a vibrant, constantly growing community. Give residents a long-term positive experience and grow your business as the new neighborhood develops. Now you have the opportunity to build more than a business – you can build a landmark.

Ever-growing community

In addition to the residents of the Ateneo heighborhood, your business has a high exposure due to the proximity to other residential projects in the area, as well as VOX office building. The fast pace of development of the urban area in Northern Timisoara offers you the chance to grow a profitable business in the long run.


If you are planning to open a cafe or restaurant business, now it is very easy to be close to your suppliers. Metro, IKEA and other supermarkets are located near the Ateneo, and you also have quick access to the ring road and the motorway.

Full serviced area

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your plans. Other entrepreneurs have already chosen Ateneo for their growing business, so it’s easier to develop complementary services. So far, on the list of new businesses in the neighborhood are: offices, beauty salon and a restaurant.

Visibility and exposure

The buildings in the Ateneo complex have been built in such a way that your business enjoys exposure to potential customers. The wide streets assure you that no one will get lost on the way to becoming your customer.

FRI-EL Buildings dezvoltă proiecte rezidențiale sustenabile care respectă standardele actuale ale pieței și oferă un grad ridicat de confort și calitate tuturor locatarilor.

“Împreună pentru un viitor mai bun” este mantra în tot ceea ce facem. Împreună cu tine, dorim să experimentăm și să ne conturăm viitorul. Un viitor în care eficiența economică, durabilitatea, respectarea mediului, precum și responsabilitatea socială nu sunt contradictorii, ci sunt complementare într-o filozofie tangibilă.

Încă din anii 1990 Grupul FRI-EL a fost implicat în producerea de energie electrică din surse regenerabile. Prin urmare, FRI-EL este considerat un pionier în acest domeniu în Italia.

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