The ideal business in the ideal place

Grow your business in a healthy environment, close to your target audience. Commercial spaces are ideal for banks, supermarkets, beauty salons, medical facilities and many more.

Great business opportunities

Be part of our developing community from the very beginning. If you are looking for a new opportunity to develop your local business, this may be just the chance you’ve been waiting for.

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Green walking areas between the buildings
Easy access to many important landmarks in Timisoara
Our modular spaces are a great option for your business. Easy street access and high-visibility storefronts.

Why choose Ateneo?

Ateneo is a developing community of young people, so starting a business in the area that will host over 6000 people can easily become a great opportunity. Commercial spaces in TODI complex are a great asset to the neighborhood as they provide easy street access and high-visibility storefronts. Don't forget about the 2500sqm supermarket soon to be built, multiple on-site commercial spaces, and lots of green areas and parks for residents to enjoy. Let's make the most out of this urban habitat!

We provide maintenance for the spaces we offer, so you can focus on the development of your business, and nothing else.
Legal Assistance
Our team of professionals offers legal assistance for your rental or acquisition process.
Tenant Selection
When leasing our SADs, we will pick tenants attentively so that we offer a broad range of interconnected services.
Periodic Visits
Spaces will be periodically visited by our team in order to ensure compliance of the asset.
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